Dot net 5.0 – A revolutionary step from microsoft

Dot net 5, oh it sounds familiar, it is just an upgraded version of .net framework 4.6, isn’t it ? well its not. It could be the coolest thing ever happened to developer world since the introduction of first version of .net. .net core 5 is open source, yes it is. You can literally create applications that can work in multiple platforms (RIP other open source platforms….).

What is .Net Core?

One of the main limitations of the .NET Framework was that it failed to share code across platforms. Now, however, .NET Core will provide developers with a library which can be deployed over various platforms and which also allows developers to import just the parts of the Framework they need for their projects.

The .Net Core Runtime has been released to the open-source community who will collaborate with the .NET team to improve and extend the platform. Licensed under the MIT open source license, the code now provides developers with a fully supported, open source, cross platform .Net stack for creating server and cloud applications. This will not only include compilers and the CLR, but also the core .NET base class libraries and the higher level .NET Web, Data and API Frameworks.


.NET Core is a small optimized runtime that is the basis of ASP.NET Core 5. At present, it only runs on Windows but will soon be extended to support Linux and Mac.

.NET Core doesn’t mean a new, complete, modular .NET overnight, that’s built once and integrated on every platform; although that’s where Microsoft wants to get to – although that’s not the full story for Windows. The Windows Store and Windows Phone platforms will use .NET Core in the future, just like the Mac and Linux versions of the .NET Core stack. And there will be a Windows version of the .NET Core stack.

Well, I won’t say .net framework will bring revolutionary changes to open source community, however it can certainly change the way applications were being developed or being used.

Ah, I am just dreaming of the day when my application written in dot net runs smoothly on Mac.

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