How to remove all event handlers from a control – C# winforms

A few days ago I was stuck in a problem. I was in need of removing certain events from controls that i have on my form. I spend almost 3 hours googling for a suitable code and I found this article in stackoverflow. It helped me alot.

The code I got from there was meant to remove click event from a button. I need to remove double click events from some panels and click events from some buttons. So i made a control extension, which will remove all eventhandlers for a certain event.

Now, the usage of this extenstion.

If you need to remove click events from a button,

If you need to remove doubleclick events from a panel,


6 thoughts on “How to remove all event handlers from a control – C# winforms

  1. Anoop M S

    I am using this code in one of my application and it works fine.

    Panel panel=new Panel();

    See here, panel is target and "EventDoubleClick" is event name. Here how can target be null or not instantiated. Please correct me if I am wrong.

  2. Ibrar Mumtaz

    hmmm, I am working with a PrintDocument object Anoop, and I am tryig to remove the 'PrintPage' event, for me your code does not work?


    PrintDocument _printDoc = new PrintDocument();
    _printDoc.PrinterSettings.PrinterName = printerName; ExtensionMethods.RemoveEventHandlersV2(_printDoc, "EventPrintPage");
    _printDoc.PrintPage += new PrintPageEventHandler(_printDoc_PrintPage);

    Above you can a simplified version of my code and I tried an alternative attempt but still I get I null exception?

    What am I trying to do?

    I a PrintDocument object called _printDoc that is supposed to get instantiated once and once only. During the course of the life time my application, many different event handlers may get attached to this '_printDoc' object. To be on the safe side, I remove all event handlers if any and then add a new one to print the document I need printing. Unfortunately, nothing seems to work? Can you try to work something out for me?



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