How to use Compression method in to speed up website

Common questions related to performance issues of websites

  1. How to improve website performance ?
  2. How to speed up website ?
  3. How to compress webpages
  4. What are the methods to improve page loading speed
  5. How to optimize webpages

I googled alot to find some good and easy method to speed up my websites, already i have optimised all my css and scripts and ofcourse images. So now i need to compress the webpages. And i come up with this solution. It is very simple. This method uses gzip/deflate encoding to compress the webpages. First, create a global.asax file. Now add the following code into that file.

Now upload the file to root of your website.And you are done. But before doing this ensure that you have optimized your css, js and images also. Only then you can feel the change


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